On the edge of Deliblatska Pescara, in the midst of the Vojvodina plains, in the picturesque village of Deliblato, lies an oasis of peace and tranquillity, the Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac. Lake Kraljevac with its floating and permanently anchored islands, surrounding reedbeds, woodlands, meadows, and pastures supports a rich diversity of plant and animal life.

Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac is a place of unique natural beauty where floating islands moved by strong winds across the surface of water continually change the surrounding landscape. Floating and permanently anchored islands are remnants of lowland peat bogs, globally one of the rarest and most threatened habitats, and represent one of Serbia’s last refugia of a relict plant community of Marsh Fern and Grey Willow. Floating and permanently anchored islands, with water pools and underground springs that do not freeze even during the harshest winters, represent an important habitat for fish, including the globally threatened species, the European Mudminnow. The Eurasian Otter can be seen fairly regularly in the clean and peaceful waters of Lake Kraljevac.

The reserve is a part of the International Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) and represents an important nesting site for many rare species of wetland birds, including the Purple Heron, the Squacco Heron, the Night Heron, the Little Bittern, the Marsh Harrier, and the globally threatened Ferruginous Duck. Whiskered and Black Terns, as well as Great and Pigmy Cormorants often feed on fish in this area. Loess slopes surrounding the lake are nesting sites for large colonies of European Bee-eaters.

Nearby pastures with remnants of continental steppe are one of the last refugia of the threatened species of steppe rodents, the European Ground Squirrel, and the Lesser Mole Rat in Serbia. Visitors in the Reserve can enjoy sport fishing, hiking, rowing, birdwatching and taking photos of nature. Moreover, the Reserve provides the perfect conditions for holding research camps and schools in nature.