The first international volunteer eco camp “Biodiversity Conservation, Habitat Rehabilitation, and Ecological Education at the Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac” was held July 5–15, 2015. The volunteer eco camp was organised by the Sport Fishing Association Deliblatsko jezero from Deliblato and the Citizen Association Aurora from Bela Crkva in partnership with Young Researchers of Serbia and Dr. Karolina Petrović, an ecologist in the Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac. The volunteer eco camp was financially supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia’s program “Youth are the Law”.

As a part of the volunteer eco camp, nine volunteers from Serbia and Germany with the help of camp leaders, local volunteers and Reserve staff carried out different work tasks related to biodiversity conservation and habitat restoration. They helped to clean up the Reserve, eradicated invasive plant species, and established a population size of the European Ground Squirrel, a vulnerable and protected species. Moreover, volunteers presented results of the volunteer eco camp at the Reserve Open Day held on July 13, 2015.