The international volunteer camp “Sustainable Tourism, Habitat Restoration and Biodiversity Conservation in Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac” was held from July 23–August 5, 2016. The volunteer camp was organised by the Sport Fishing Association Deliblatsko Jezero in partnership with the Young Researchers of Serbia and Dr. Karolina Petrović, an ecologist in the Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac. The volunteer eco camp was financially supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia’s program “Youth are the Law”.

As a part of the volunteer camp, eleven volunteers from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Russia and Serbia worked on developing an eco tourism program in the Reserve, including making and installing tourist information boards, renovating picnic areas and helping to clean up the Reserve. Young Researchers of Serbia Workcamp caravan with representatives from international volunteer organisations from Slovakia, France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Belgium visited the camp.