The first summer tourist season has successfuly ended in the Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac. Thanks to the notable presentation of its natural beauty and tourism opportunities at the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade earlier this year, higher media presence, and the work of eco guide, Dr. Karolina Petrović, the Reserve attracted many new visitors this summer. In 2016 increased interest and visits of nature lovers, hiking and rowing enthusiasts from Belgrade, Pančevo and Kovin has been noted, as well as many field trips and eco workshops for primary school students from Municipality Kovin were organized.

Visitors to the Reserve had an opportunity to get familiar with a natural phenomenon of floating islands and a relict plant community of marsh fern and gray willow. Also, through interactive lectures and eco workshops, as well as organised walks and boat rides through the most precious natural areas of the Reserve visitors could uninterruptedly observe and photograph rare species of wetland birds listed on the European Red List, as well as visit steppe pastures with a breeding colony of the European bee-eater. Moreover, the steppe pastures are one of the last refugia of the threatened species of steppe rodents, the European ground squirrel, and the lesser mole rat in Serbia.