Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac is located near the village of Deliblato in south Banat on the territory of Kovin Municipality, Vojvodina Province, Serbia. The Reserve borders with the Special Nature Reserve Deliblatska Peščara at its south-western end. The closest towns are Kovin (16 km), Smederevo (27 km), Pančevo (37 km), and Belgrade (58 km). You can reach the Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac by car via Pančevo, Dolovo and Mramorak (Route14) or Kovin (Route 310), by bus from Kovin (Lasta), and by bicycle (EuroVelo 6, EuroVelo 11, Banat Greenway Network, Banat Bicycle Route Kovin – Alibunar, and Denube 1 Route pass directly through or in close proximity to the Reserve).


Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac covers an area of 264 ha and encompasses three areas: Lake Krajevac with floating and permanently anchored islands, and surrounding reedbeds (192 ha); the pasture Spasovina (commonly known as Vašarište) on loess slopes (20 ha); and the Obzovik spring valley with the pasture Obzovik (52 ha).

Map Reserve


The reserve has been divided into three areas with different degrees of protection:

  • Degree I protection includes the strictly protected area of floating and permanently anchored islands with a relict plant community of Marsh Fern and Grey Willow in a central part of Lake Kraljevac (15 ha) where no human activity is allowed;
  • Degree II protection includes the area of the north-west end of Lake Kraljevac with surrounding reedbeds and the pasture Spasovina (106 ha) where rowing and hiking are allowed;
  • Degree III protection includes the area of the south-east end of Lake Kraljevac and the Obzovik spring valley with the pasture Obzovik (142 ha) where rowing, hiking, and sport fishing are allowed.