Sport fishing

Lake Kraljevac with its permanent water influx from surface and underground springs, a muddy bottom, floating and permanently anchored islands, rich vegetation, and a depth of 2 to 8 meters represents an ideal habitat for fish. Twenty-six native and exotic fish species have been recorded so far in Lake Kraljevac, including protected species, the European Mudminnow, the Weatherfish, the Tench and the Crucian Carp (the Code on Declaration and Protection of Strictly Protected Species and Protected Wild Species of Plants, Animals and Fungi Annex; Official Gazette No. 5/10). The number of native fish exceeds the number of exotic fish twofold, while the majority of species are from the carp family. Since 2002 Lake Kraljevac is regularly stocked by the Common Carp, the Pike, the Zander and the Tench.

In the Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac, sport fishing is allowed under the Code of Conduct and Park Ranger Service. Fishing licenses (1-day, 7-day and annual) are issued by the Park Ranger Service (Aleksandar Sarmeš +381658173289). A maximum of two lines per person attached to three rods with buoy hooks, fishing lures, and fresh bait are permitted. Night fishing from shore and boat are permitted in marked areas during restricted times. Fishermen are allowed to take home a maximum of 5 kilograms of native fish per day (the Pike, the Zander, the Catfish, and the Bream). Fishing for exotic species is unrestricted (the Grass Carp, the Silver Carp, the Prussian Carp, the Brown Bullhead, the Pumpkinseed, the Stone Moroko, and white fish). The fishing of the Common Carp is forbidden until 2016.

Moreover, to reduce the number of exotic species, selective culling of the Grass Carp, the Silver Carp, the Prussian Carp and the Brown Bullhead is carried out at Lake Kraljevac.



Special Nature Reserve Kraljevac provides the perfect conditions for holding sport fishing competitions at national and international levels. The competition for children “Hook Against Drugs,” which is held every year in August, has become a Reserve tradition.